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Starting a Small Business in Germany - 2921 Words

Starting a small business in Germany Abstract Small and medium enterprises are the vital part of Germanys economy and so the Government makes it easy for residents and non-residents to start and run a small business in any part of Germany. After considering whether a small business is perfect for you and your lifestyle, you can decide from the five different forms of business ownership. The next step is to choose an appropriate name for your business and then you can apply to the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology for license and permits. Understand the taxation rates of Germany and then look for means to brand your business using the right media. When these steps are undertaken, you are all set to begin your small business. The success rate in Germany is fairly high and this means, you have a fairly good chance of being successful. Keywords: Small business, Germany, sole proprietorship, business license, tax, VAT, branding, marketing, German Government, employment in Germany, Germany economy. Introduction The procedures and formalities involved starting a small business in Germany is fairly straight-forward. This is because the German Government and the society as a whole understands the importance of small business to their economy and has made it easy to encourage entrepreneurs like me. This paper aims to describe what I should do to start a small business in this country. It discusses the different aspects that I should consider including theShow MoreRelatedThe Difficulties Of Starting A Small Business1341 Words   |  6 PagesThe Difficulties of Starting a Small Business in Germany Starting a business is not easy on any continent; however there is a wide range of challenges for start-ups that vary within each country. In Germany, these challenges are particularly plentiful and mostly of bureaucratic and cultural nature. To better illustrate these challenges, and to avoid confusion throughout the next four pages, it is assumed that the individual wanting to start a business is a male, named Sam, who is in his mid-twentiesRead MoreMarket Entry Strategy1352 Words   |  6 Pagesselling its new revolutionized Smart Cars to two foreign countries, Japan and Germany. The company believes that the increasing trend of going green and concerns about the environment in Japan and Germany will merge significant profits shortly after entering those two markets. Anna’s Car has evaluated various market entry strategy alternatives and is now hesitating between direct exporting or foreign direct investment for Germany and franchising or joint venture for Japan. Direct Export The main advantageRead MoreGermany- Hofstede Analysis Essay1470 Words   |  6 PagesGermany: Hofstede Analysis Germany- Hofstede Analysis Germany is known for its majestic scenery and terrain. There is incredible chocolate, beer and of course, the unique architecture. All these things may be appealing to a firm, but an expanding company may discover complexities expanding into Germany, because â€Å"[w]hen you step into a foreign culture, suddenly things seem different. You don’t know what to do or say.† ( Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions). â€Å"If your organization is planning toRead MoreSick Around the World Video Analysis Essay894 Words   |  4 Pagescoverage refers to a scenario where everyone is covered for basic healthcare services, and no one is denied care as long as they are legal residents in the geography covered. Countries that have universal health care coverage are United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan. Although all five countries that was discussed in the video â€Å"Sick Around the World†, have universal healthcare coverage, each health care policy are uniquely designed to meet the needs of the people. The United KingdomRead MoreJuwi Analysis1274 Words   |  6 Pagesand Matthias Willenbacher 1997, the first wind energy plant in Alzey was installed 1999, a business unit for services and technical support was created in order to enlarge the current portfolio, and offer maintenance services for the existing wind mills. Same year, the largest wind-energy park was finalised. 2000, juwi opened the first photovoltaic plant 2004, juwi’s first wind energy park outside Germany was successfully completed.( France) 2007, the construction of the worlds biggest photovoltaicRead MoreEvaluation of Culture Background of Germany, Japan, and Ireland1696 Words   |  7 PagesEvaluation of culture background of Germany, Japan, and Ireland through Hofstede Cultural Dimension As professor Geert Hofstede put, Culture is more often a source of conflict than of synergy. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster. Therefore, understanding different cultures in different countries is a significant issue for multinational enterprises, especially for the inevitable trend of globalization. As our project aims at analyzing the international expansion ofRead MoreNanosolar Inc.993 Words   |  4 Pagesemerging economies which promises immense potential. First Solar the major player in thin-film panel category is a major competitor and must be kept in mind while deciding on the strategy. European Market Germany * Germany is having a stable pricing schedule, with feed-in tariff plan starting at $0.57/kWh (for free field systems) and $0.72/kWh (for residential) * It then declines at 6% annually, so assuming a 20 year commitment by the germen government we have a minimum price of $0.176/kWhRead MoreThe Success of Hitlers Domestic Policy Essay881 Words   |  4 PagesBefore they got in to power the nazi party put forward 25 points of what they intending to do when they were in power. All the points in the 25-point plan could be dived up into 4 groups. The first of which is the drive for a single race Germany. Most of the points that fall in to the section are about the limitation of citizenship for the Jews. One of the main points was to stop all Jews from voting. This was a successful policy. It meant that there was less opposition toRead MoreEssay on The Fall of Communism1064 Words   |  5 PagesIron curtain remark refers to the countries that fell under the spell of the Soviet Union and shut out the western world ways of capitalism. The countries of Eastern Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania, Albania and Eastern Germany formed the Eastern Bloc that was controlled by the Soviet Union. As Stalin began to force his hand in all elements of government, economics and social life, Germans and others became disillusioned with Communism and began to flee westward to escapeRead MoreGlobal Business : Franchising Of Brazil1713 Words   |  7 PagesGlobal Business - Franchising in Brazil 1. Country Background 1.1 Brazil - Federative Republic of Brazil 1.2 Neighboring countries include Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela (â€Å"Country Report – Brazil,† 2015). 1.3 The territorial size of the country is 8,515,800 sq. km 1.4 Brazil’s population is 201,032,714 (â€Å"Country Report – Brazil,† 2015). 1.5 Brazil’s political system is a federal republic and its Constitution confers powers to

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Sojourner Truth Speech - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 590 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/07/26 Category People Essay Level High school Tags: Sojourner Truth Essay Did you like this example? Sojourner Truth was an African-American feminist and abolitionist. Truth is arguably most well-known for her speech that she gave in 1851 at the Womens Rights Convention in Ohio. During this period in which Truth lived, abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman were especially effective in making an impression towards their listeners because they incorporated their experiences as ex-slaves. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Sojourner Truth Speech" essay for you Create order Truth delivered her speech as a means to retaliate against anti feminist arguments that were raised during that time. According to, Truths most important legacy is the tone and substance of her language . They go on to use a sample of the speech Give ?em land and an outset, and hab teachers learn ?em to read. Den they can be somebody (Sojourner Truth). By stating such simplicity in such a complex matter, Truth has caused the audience to be stumped not only by the simplicity and frankness of her words but also the simple, homely language that she uses. Additionally, the Poetry Trust claims that the strongest tool of her speech are her argument/persuasion strategies . They continue by saying that by Truth including the racial and sexist issues that she encountered in her life, she provides first hand experience that she executes in a manner that is moving towards audience. She persuades her audience that a black women might deserve equal rights to men (Poetry Trust). By using facts and unarguable evidence as well as her use of deduction she manages to illustrate that women are not inferior to men. Simultaneously, Truth also mentions the relevance of christianity. The Sojourner Truth Memorial Committee says Sojourner Truth sounds like a down-to-earth preacher in her speeches (STMC). Truth points out that someone as significant and as Jesus Christ would not be born without the involvement of a woman. Truth uses her biblical knowledge as a means of connecting with her audience through the system of faith. By making references derived from the Bible, her mostly Christian audiences views her as a fellow Christian and responds to her more positively and supportively. Maria B. Perry of Appalachian State University illustrates the effectivity of rhetorical strategies that Truth uses. Sojourner effectively delivers the powerful message on the hypocrisy, unjust nature and moral inaccuracy of gender and race discrimination (Perry). Truth doesnt just merely state facts, but appeals emotionally to the audience using personal anecdotes as well as repetition in order to represent the injustices that she endured; and eventually elicits a desire for change. Furthermore, Rainer Abraham refers to the end of the speech. If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again! And now they asking to do it, the men better let him (Truth). By addressing the past and connecting it to the future, Truth encouraged the women in the audience to band together and and fight. It is perceived that a woman turned the world upside down, butt Truth believed that women together would and should be able to turn the world back up right again. This initiates hope for women, Truth assures women that if they are a united front, they can achieve their rights and equality. Accordingly, Sojourner Truth delivered a very effective and powerful message on the hypocrisy, inequality and inaccuracy of gender and race discrimination. She used her clever anecdotes, religious belief and folk-like language to delineate the injustices during that period to generate a desire for change.

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Art Deco And Buhaus Essay - 993 Words

Art deco and Bauhaus are best known as the forms of art that changed previous views of artwork during the 1920s and 1930s. Both of these forms of art impacted not only art itself but also architecture, fashion design, graphic design and industrial design. During this time new inventions involving technology where becoming popular along with the new forms of art and sculpture. A major effect on modernity occurred along with the designs being created during the 19th and 20th century due to the invention of new machinery. Overall, both art deco and Bauhaus were extremely significant in the history of art and continue to influence artist today through there use of clean fine lines, luxurious looks, geometric structure and the modern style,†¦show more content†¦At the Bauhaus for example some of the most popular workshops included textile, and metalworking which taught individuals how to create things such as home utensils and many other crafts. Through these workshops students w ere educated on the theory of design, and weaving, which allowed for them to create modern pieces. During the chaotic and threatening years of world war two many individuals who participated in these workshops, relocated in the United states influencing many architects through there philosophies. In Art deco on the other hand art represented luxurious life styles. There was a demand for ornaments, jewelry, and modern interior looks in the home during the movement of the Art deco. People desired a luxurious lifestyle unlike any they had ever had before. This art style abandoned traditional styles of art and incorporated exotic cultural forms never seen in art before. Art deco forms were not only seen through art sculptures and paintings, but also in the structure of buildings and cars.The school of Bauhaus influenced structures which consisted of basic clean forms as appose to luxurious looks. Both the Art deco movement and the Bauhaus school

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Evaluation of Woolworth Presentation Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Evaluation of Woolworth Presentation. Answer: Evaluation of Woolworths PowerPoint Presentation The presentation on Woolworth was focused on the decision-making and the business strategy of Woolworths. It can be critiqued that there were significant content written on the several slides. It reduced legibility of the slides for most of the students. However, the design of the presentation was attractive and layout assisted in improving the background of the presentation. There were some unnecessary information such as the operational strategy of the organization is obvious. The students tried to fill a large amount of content in the limited number of slides. There were several slides with the title, continue, which indicates that there was detailed discussion on a few topics. However, it is important to provide unique slide titles for each and every slide. The presentation of the slide is very good as the students have included several facts and figures. It makes the discussion more interesting. The students have also been successful in demonstrating the importance of the information to the audience. The information provided to the student is authentic. The major issue, identified in the presentation is that the claims made in the presentation are not supported by appropriate evidence. Although a reference list is added in the end of the presentation, in-text citations have not been added in the presentation. Moreover, the facts, and the graphs added in the presentation does not include the citation. It makes the claims of the author weaker. The speaker has made the presentation precisely, as the slides does not include any spelling or grammatical mistakes. The presentation increased my knowledge of the slides. I gained a significant amount of knowledge regarding the company, its operations and operational strategy. Critical Analysis of the Presentation made on David Jones: Operational Management and Decision-making Models The students have tried to make an interesting presentation on the company. The layout, and the content of the presentation is interesting which binds the attention of the audience. The title page of the presentation is very attractive, with an attention-grabbing image. The presentation also has a slide for the table of contents. It clearly communicate to the audience, what content will be covered in the upcoming slides. Along with it, the design or the layout of the table of content slide was different, which made the slide quite unique. The presentation has covered in detail the operational strategy and decision-making models of the organization. The presentation also includes several graphs. The graphs are linked with the content, written on the presentation of the slides. There are also several graphs in the file, which are appropriately cited in the text. The citations and the references have includes the authenticity of the presentation. The text is written in a clear and simpl e language. It creates the interest of the students. It can be critiqued that the presentation includes the thorough research of the subject. It includes organization description, operations strategy, process design, planning and control, value chain, and the quality control of the organization. There are several changes in the layout and the color of the slides. These subtle changes grabs the attention of the viewer and keeps his interest focused on the presentation. The content of the presentation is also powerful, as the presentation has included graphs and figures and then explained with the help of theoretical models. The presentation made a powerful impact on me. I had a strong impression regarding the strategies and approaches used by the organization. Other than that, I also learnt that the changes in the layout of the presentation affects the interest of the audience. I also learnt that figures, and arts are important in presentations.

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Neanderthal Hybrid Essays - Human Evolution,

Neanderthal Hybrid Implications of Neanderthal-Homo Sapiens Hybrid by Abrigo do Lagar Velho. In a recent excavation at Abrigo do Lagar Velho in Portugal, Duarte et al (1999) unearthed what was later to be recognized as early human skeletal remains which pointed to interbreeding between Neanderthal and Modern Humans during the mid - upper Palaeolithic transition. The morphology of the remains, belonging to a child of approximately 3-4 years old, indicates a Neanderthal typology in post-cranial features, and more modern cranial features. The find has been cited as evidence of hybridization between the two traditionally separate human lines, and offers an explanation to the question of Neanderthal extinction. (Trinkaus 1999) Anthropologists are now offered a line of evidence pointing to the contemopranity of Moderns and Neanderthals in parts of Europe and assumptions can be made about their contact: "The discoverers...are making a ground-breaking claim, that the skeleton shows traces of both Neanderthal and modern human ancestry, evidence that modern humans did not simply extinguish the Neanderthals, as many researchers had come to think. Instead the two kinds of human were so alike that in Portugal, at least, they intermingled...for thousands of years." (Kunzig, 1999) By examining the theories of human evolution, and looking at the cultural evolution of tool technology as well as the biological transitions and differences between the two types of humans, we can see that this hybridization just might be the answer. Perhaps this find will be able to tell us what exactly did happen to the Neanderthals. Firstly, it is useful to have an overview of the different theories of human evolution, or I should say the two most widely accepted views as accepted by palaeo-anthropologists in the field. For some years now it has been the contention that the origins of modern humans stem from either a continuous evolution from archaic to modern humans in local regions from an earlier dispersal of Homo erectus, or conversely from modern humans evolved in Africa only which then dispersed to replace those hominids in said regions. These two theories are known as the Continuity or Regional model and the Replacement or Out of Africa model respectively. The fossil (skeletal) and cultural (technological) evidence thus far has pointed to convincing arguments on both sides, which proponents are quick to defend. Neanderthals can be distinguished from anatomically Modern Humans by the presence of prominent brow ridges, low forehead, occipital bun, facial prognathicism, large nasal aperture, and shorter, sturdier skeletal features most notably, distinguishing them from Moderns who were taller and had longer limbs, higher foreheads, lass prominent browridges and rounder skulls. It should be noted that the cranial capacities of both were comparable, with the Neanderthals being even slightly larger. (Klein: 1989) Many proponents of a regional theory claim that such morphological differences show a continuity and depending on how they are viewed can be seen as evidence of variation within a species, not distinct species. This would mean that the Neanderthal morphology developed as an adaptation to the colder glacial climate of Europe and elsewhere. (Wolpoff:1980) From a replacement standpoint however, these differences in morphology are too distinct to be variables on a theme and in conjunction with dates provides evidence supporting that view. (Mellars and Stringer:1989) Neanderthals occupied Europe and the Middle East during a time range usually agreed upon as ranging from roughly 130 kya - 35 kya to as recent as approx. 26kya. Modern populations are seen as early as 100kya in the Middle East and around 40 kya in Europe. At some sites in the middle east, both populations lived in very close proximity to one another for what is thought to be a time range of about 40 000 years. (Akazawa et al:1998) Recent developments in genetic studies have begun to open new lines of evidence in the relatedness of Neanderthals to current modern human populations. By studying the genes of both, we can compare the similarities and differences and calculate whether the two are close enough to say there is a relation or not. This line of research had been theory mostly because the skeletal remains on record had no organic material available from which to extract genetic material (i.e.: collagen in the bone). DNA from a Neanderthal specimen would be able to confer or oppose the " Mitochondrial Eve" theory put forth by Cann et al in 1987 (Foley and Lahr 1992: 526; Klein 1989:352) which stated that the common ancestor for modern human populations could be traced to approx. 200kya in Africa. When DNA was finally extracted from a Neanderthal specimen, this could be addressed.

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Loving Art essays

Loving Art essays Art has captivated me since early childhood. From my first macaroni and glue project to my most recent attempts at anatomical studies, art has grown from a mild interest to an integral part of what defines me. The constant challenge of updating and improving technique and styles, as well as continuously finding new inspiration, has always brought me deep satisfaction. I can still vividly remember the precise moment when art really came into my life. It first piqued my interest while I was a primary student in New Jersey. I was sitting at my table, visibly grumpy, while the other children cheerily threw paste and pasta onto a sheet of poster paper. I had just finished my macaroni man, but instead of proudly wanting to show it to the teacher, I sat there confused. I intuitively knew there was something more to art than that. However, for the next few months, this was the caliber of work that was expected of us. I asked the teacher if I could do something else, something harder, but she merely smiled and told me my macaroni project looked pretty. It was obvious, even to a child like me, that I would not get help with my newfound interest. At that moment, I found my resolve. If I were to progress, it would have to be on my own accord. For the first time in my life, I became cognizant that only through hard work and dedication could I eve r achieve anything meaningfuland for the first time in my life, I wanted more than ever to do so. The next year I moved back to Beijing. Unlike countless other fleeting childhood interests, art stayed with me. After practicing for a year with little to show for it, in the later part of the third grade, I sought professional help. Luckily, the father of a close friend happened to teach drawing. This man, Mr. Lee, would be my first true art teacher. Before I met him, I only drew aliens and dinosaurs. That quickly changed after Mr. Lee introduced me to ...

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Experience and Other Evidence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Experience and Other Evidence - Essay Example (Ricks, 2006) Placing Ricks' findings and observations in Epicurean terms, I was able to synthesize the following argument: One could interpret America's continued occupation of Iraq as a manifestation of 'partiality', in this case toward so called national interest, which in turn translates into the interests of military contractors and oil corporations based in the country. The destruction of lives and resources on both sides is as a result of America 'troubling' itself and 'troubling' its distant and weak enemy in the form of Iraq. Further, consistent with the tenet, the invasion implies 'weakness' on part of the aggressor, more specifically a 'weakness' for material wealth (in this case fossil fuel). It is interesting to note that the wisdom of Epicurus, set out two millenniums ago, finds application in contemporary political actions as well as in an individual's personal life. In the case of the latter, I myself have been found falling short of being a 'blessed and indestructibl e being', for my occasional imprudent anger and partiality has gotten me into hot water a few times. One lingering memory in this respect is when I got into a verbal scuffle with a member of the audience during a college football game. I was slightly inebriated when my team was way behind in the game and the chance of winning was slim. At that point I over-reacted to a snide remark from a fan of the opposing team and got into a heated exchange. In retrospect I realized that though his remark was offensive it was not a defeat to my team and it did not mean anything significant. At that point I got the insight that my reaction is comparable to the way our government has conducted itself in the ongoing War on Terror... The researcher of this essay describes the element of his personal philosophy of life, regarding the dynamics of 'contentment'. Since the whole canon of Western Philosophy is centered on the causes, states and conditions of contentment, it is fair to say that contribution through this narrative is a minuscule one. Yet, the researcher would like to voice his assessment of this universal human concern and try to refine his theory through the responses it will elicit from the audience. The researcher has synthesized hispersonal experience with a larger political event and has studied them both in a philosophical framework. The researcher states that, in order for civilization to progress, parochialism and narrow-mindedness will have to be overcome by embracing principles of solidarity and compassion toward fellow humans. Bringing about this transformation at the level of nations is a highly challenging project, given the power and efficiency of propaganda systems in place. But transform ation at the individual level is more plausible. The researcher personally has endeavored to mould himself in the Epicurean fashion with reasonable success and he implores members of the audience to consider this path. By embracing this philosophy, that was discussed in the essay in details one can acquire a high degree of sophistication and refinement as a person. The researcher then concluds that it will also enable an individual to navigate challenging phases in life with equipoise, stoicism and mental tranquility.